Admission Fall 2021 of CSE is going on

Message of Chairman

Greetings from the CSE department of Southeast University! CSE Department started its journey in Summer 2002 with 36 students. It received valuable guidance at the initial stage from Prof. Dr. M. Kaykobad a renowned professor of CSE department BUET. In CSE department we follow global standard syllabus. Class routine and exam routine of CSE department is fully automated and that is why we can utilize our resources optimally. Now some teachers, graduates and students of CSE department are working together to automate the whole university.

Most graduates of CSE department are well placed in the society. Graduates of CSE department are working in companies like Facebook, AT&T, SSL Wireless, REVE Systems etc. They are also working in Banks, other renowned Software Companies, ISPs, Garments Sector, NGOs etc. Some of our graduates are also working as faculty members in other private universities.

The primary goal of CSE department is to make the students think and the department do it by engaging students in problem solving in different courses. The department also participates in regional contests of ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest regularly. And it got within top 5 (University Ranking) position in Dhaka Regional 2005, 2006, 2007. The department also likes to recruit faculty members who can think because only then they will also be able to make the students think.

The teachers of CSE department are young, energetic and friendly with the students and university authority is also trying their best to increase the existing facility of the students. A faculty member of CSE department is a world famous researcher and another one is a judge of ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, World Finals since 2003. The average programming skills of CSE department of SEU is the best in Bangladesh. So in many ways CSE department is different than other CSE department of Bangladesh and the best way for anyone to know about this difference is by joining us. Thanks for your patience.

Shahriar Manzoor
Chairman & Associate Professor
CSE Department, Southeast University, Dhaka
President, Bangladesh Association of Problemsetters
Judging Director ACM ICPC Dhaka Site 2004-2017
ACM ICPC World Finals Judge 2003-2018