Featured Faculty of Southeast University

Mr. Shahriar Manzoor
Senior Lecturer
Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Shahriar Manzoor is a prominent problemsetter of UVa Online Judge. He is currently working as a faculty member of the Department of CSE of Southeast University. He is a Judge of ACM-ICPC World Finals 2003–2012 and Chief Judge of National Programming Contest 2003 & 2004. He is also the Judging Director of ACM ICPC Dhaka Site 2004–2013 and chief judge of ACM ICPC Kuala lumpur Regional Contest 2010. He took part in the ACM ICPC Dhaka Site in the year 1999 and his team stood third. He started the concept of arranging monthly contests in online judges. He has set around 275 problems in different online, national and international contests like ACM ICPC Asia Regional Contest in Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia and China. He found the closed form for side length of smallest regular hexagon that contains 4 circles of radius 1.

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