IRT Director's Message

Welcome to the Institute of Research and Training (IRT), Southeast University, which intends to open up avenues in the field of research and development, and which has been acting completely on non-profit basis. The Institute is an umbrella for university-wide research and training activities dedicating to creating new knowledge and building an image for the University as the prime seat of research activities in the country. The Institute has been operating with overall direction and guidance provided by the University Board of Trustees, and under the direct supervision of the Vice Chancellor.

Assuming the sense of social responsibility and meeting today’s research needs effectively, we have established several Research Centres within the Institute, viz., Centre for Business Research (CBR), Centre for Legal Research, Centre for Scientific Research and Innovation (CSRI), and Centre for Arts, Social Science and Islamic Studies (CASSIS), and all these Centres have their own research teams with high caliber. We have a number of ongoing and completed research projects which are designed to answer multiples of questions of the emerging issues. Once a research project has been completed, we encourage our researcher to conduct seminar/conference, and publish his/her research work in nationally and internationally reputed journal to make it public.

The functions of the research system at IRT as a whole are: conducting research, providing consultancy services (technical assistance), and participating in seminars and workshops. We host distinguished speakers to present and share their experiences on selected topics to the largely novice academic and research staff.

In addition to research and consulting services, the IRT is geared towards helping individual managers and organizations to augment their management development efforts, through training, seminars and workshops.

The Southeast University aspires to become the topmost research university to serve the social needs by the next decade and we are gradually moving towards this end. We generate knowledge and technology which will be transferred and help improve the society. We believe that today’s society is knowledge driven, actions and decisions should be made based on hard evidence, something credible, independent and scientifically proven research results rather than anecdotal reports.

Whether you are a member of the faculty, staff, or student body, or a responsible citizen we look forward to having you explore our website, learn more about our Institute and Research Centres , and participate in one of our many programs.

We are working for a new day !

Syed Abdulla Al Mamun, PhD, FCMA
Director, IRT
Associate Professor &
Head, SAC, School of Business Studies
PhD in Finance, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
CMA, Institute of Cost of Management Accountants of Bangladesh (ICMAB)
MBA(Management Accounting), University of Dhaka
BBA(Accounting), University of Dhaka