The intellectual, cultural and linguistic contributions of Muslim scholars have been very significant not only in the Middle East but also across the Globe. The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (Peace be upon him) started his spiritual mission from the holy Makkah to every door of this planet. He had established the spirit of gathering knowledge in every heart of his followers and it was the era when morality was in deep sleep, ignorance was in the place of uppermost power. At that time the Prophet of Islam had injected the lesson of Islamic Education in the spoil bodies of the people to remove them from darkness, agony, violence & dishonor. As a result, the nation came to know that they have to play some very important role in every part of life.

It is crystal clear to us that, later those peoples have become the most valuable personality of the World. The Department of Islamic Studies of this University keeps the dream to build up the Nation sustaining the lights & lessons of Islamic Education. The Department believes that Islamic Education is the essence of all education. It is the pleasure to talk about that Muslims are currently constitute approximately one-fourth of the world's population, and approximately 92% of the Bangladeshi population. But they are in very miserable condition for their route less journey, misappropriation, lack of Islamic knowledge and slavery mentality. This Department has been established in 2003 and it is firmly determined to educate the thirsty peoples who are intended to play a very important role in future for the betterment of the Nation.

The program in Islamic Studies is under girded by the University's belief that Islamic religion, culture and history are important areas of inquiry, and a student of this Department should have the ability to pursue such inquiry as a part of their undergraduate and post graduate education.  At present, Southeast University is among the few private Universities in Bangladesh that offers an enriched four-year undergraduate and one to two year post graduate program in Islamic Studies as an independent major. Islamic Studies is envisioned as a multi-disciplinary and multi-regional field of study.  Therefore, the program allows students the flexibility to choose from a broad selection of courses related to Islam and Muslim societies and it is really amazing unique, incredible narrative, and something that has no similarity with any other Departments as well, such as Economics, Finance, Banking, History, Sociology, Anthropology and comparative religion etc.

We strongly believe that, Islamic Education has the power to remove the darkness from the society as well as it has the ability to build up the nation with most essential virtues like: Morality, integrity, hospitality and dedication for human being. Aiming to develop the community of the Globe, the Department was started its journey with some moral values and it has the most influential role among all the Departments of this university. The Department of Islamic Studies at Southeast University has the advantage of being supported by highly developed programs in a number of Muslim world languages, such as Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Urdu and Bengali. The Islamic Studies program offers two distinct options: a major, and a minor. Both of the programs can profitably be combined with other courses to train students for a variety of career paths.

In addition, to providing a foundation for graduate study and a career in academia, a major in Islamic and Muslim studies can prepare graduates planning to go into a number of areas, such as the following:
  • Principles of Economics with specialization in Islamic Economics, Banking and Insurance.
  • Introduction to Sociology with specialization in Islamic Social System and family structure.
  • General Political science with specialization in Islamic political System, rules and policies of Islamic Government.
  • Introduction to Business with specialization in Islamic business policies, rules & ethics.
  • Comparative Religion with specialization in Islamic Ideology as a complete code of life.
  • World history and Civilization with specialization in Islamic History, culture, civilization, philosophy and moral values.
  • Principles of Science and Technologies with specialization in Quranic Sciences and Technologies.
  • Bangladesh Studies with specialization in glorious past of Islamic history and Culture in this region as an Ideology.
  • finance/marketing, with specialization in international business, Islamic finance, world markets and industries.
  • law enforcement/security, with specialization in cultural sensitivity and working within Muslim communities
  • public education policy, with focus on social studies and history curricula.
Finally, we again welcome the students expecting to be enrolled in the Department of Islamic Studies of SEU in the way of selecting the best seat of learning.