Admission 2024 of Textile is going on

Laboratory Facilities

  • Physics Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Wet Processing Lab
  • Fabric Manufacturing Lab
  • Yarn Manufacturing lab
  • Garments Manufacturing Lab
  • Testing & Quality Control Lab
  • Engineering Drawing Lab
  • Fabric Structure and Design Lab
  • EEE Lab
  • Textile Products and Parts Museum
  • Workshop
  • Computer Browsing Lab
  • Seminar Library

Research and Development Centre
A Centre for Research & Development of Textile Products & Industry has been established by the Department. The Centre regularly organizes Seminars, discussion, workshops & exhibitions for the improvement of academic skills of faculty and students. It also acts as a Centre of University and Industry alliance.

Industrial Training
For industrial internship, the students are placed in selected textile mills or organizations for eight weeks. On completion of the internship the students prepare and defend a mill training report.