Admission 2024 of Textile is going on

Textile Education is, by necessity, the most comprehensive course of university studies which holds great potential for bright future.

Specialist areas in the textile (PT & Apparels) sectors are growing very fast in Bangladesh, resulting in an increasing demand for people with expertise and skills, technical knowledge and management capabilities. Demand of Textiles Engineers & Technologists are in the area of Production of Yarn, Fabric, Dyeing-Printing and Garments, Marketing of Textile Goods, International Trading and Buying House, MIS Section of the Textile Industry, Production Planning and Consultancy, Inspection Agents Company, PSI Company, Machine Maintenance and Procurement Department, Privatization Commission, Customs, Board of Investment, Department of Textiles, Hand Loom Board, BSCIC, BSTI, EPB, Educational Institution, Sales of Dyes and Chemicals, etc. Sales of Textile Machinery, Supply & Inspection Dept. and Financial Institution, Quality Control Department, Research & Development Organization, Sales of Yarn, Fabric, Textile Production.