Admission Fall 2021 of CSE is going on


Why Computer Science & Engineering
  • Computer Science is becoming the heart of every other technology.
  • Computer graduates are highly paid professionals in every industry.
  • Computer Science is the place for a Creative mind.
  • Why CSE @ SEU
    • Graduates of CSE SEU are the most successful people in their respective works. They are working in Government services, Hardware & Computer system design, Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Data Communications, Multimedia Processing and Internet & Information Technology and in many other responsible posts in the country and abroad.
    • Students of CSE SEU are very much successful in their co-curricular activities.
    • Students of CSE are the leaders in the academic performance in SEU. The average performance of CSE Students outplays every other department in SEU.
    • Career counseling and placement facilities.
    • Wi-Fi networked campus.