Admission 2024 of English is going on

Message from Chair

I warmly welcome you to the English Department of Southeast University.

Since its inception in Summer 2005, English Department of this University has been a resourceful place for studying linguistics, English language and literature studies mainly for two reasons; firstly, it has got a steady growth of student population from various corners of the country and a few from overseas both in undergraduate and graduate levels and secondly, its faculty members’ professional care in nurturing student potentials. Faculty members have their higher qualifications from renowned institutions of Bangladesh, India, Australia and New Zealand, the UK and the USA. Some of them have rewarding teaching experience and expertise at home and abroad and more importantly, many of them have been regularly publishing professional papers in refereed journals. The Department currently enjoys the strength of 600+ regular students and 24 full time teachers excluding almost similar size of adjunct faculty members. Students enjoy the facility of adequate number of library materials, indoor games, co-curricular activities and financial support on merit and needs based scholarships. Congenial and friendly atmosphere contributes to the overall improvement of the student performance. The Department currently offers the following programs:
1. 4-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) honors program with 120 credit hours
2. 1 year Masters of Arts (MA) program with 36 credit hours

4-year BA (Hons.) program has been tailored combining English literature, linguistics and ELT courses that prepare students with excellent communication skills, in-depth understanding about linguistics, literature as well as how language enriches human life. The program aims to bring about a holistic development in a person. It nurtures the humane qualities in a student and makes them likely to be a better human being. They grow into a conscious and conscientious citizen of the country as well as of the whole planet.

MA in English is more of a professional degree that equips you with some all-round skills such as advance level writing, oral and other presentation skills, understanding complex ideas and theories, critical and aesthetic sense and sensibility, creative thinking and research and dissertation in literature or linguistics/ELT.

Jobs in various fields are open to English graduates. Many of them still enjoy the privilege of being an English teacher at the secondary and tertiary level both in local and foreign educational institutions. However, being a graduate in English has also a special advantage of choosing other career-paths specialized for many other disciplines. A good number of English graduates can end up working in journalism and media such as TV and radio, which require standard writing and research skills. English graduates are in high demand in the publishing industry as well since they have critical and aesthetic understanding of books and other texts. Not only are English graduates employed as editorial assistant, proof reader and content writer, but they are also recruited as advertising copywriter, public relations or press officer. Besides banking sector, teaching profession has always been there for you to excel in. With language and communication skills and ability to explain literary texts you can accelerate greater learning outputs making your class a place of learning through fun. However, once you graduate from English Department, you do not have to stick to jobs directly related to your degree. No matter where you build up your career, you will be in a step farther than other graduates since courses in English language and literature studies teach you creativity and innovation along with other essential knowledge and skills.

I wish you all prospective and current students a very fruitful stay with us gaining a great learning experience in order to enrich and empower ourselves in all respects.

All the best always!

Ms. Aliya Shahanoor Ameen
Assistant Professor & Chairperson
Department of English
Southeast University
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 55033762 Ext: 715