Admission for Fall 2024 of Economics is going on

The Economics Department at the Southeast University is one of the top teaching and research departments comprised of a vibrant team of faculty members and students who lead the field in current economic issues. This department, under the School of Arts and Social Sciences, started its journey in Fall, 2007 with only six students. But within a short spell of time it has achieved astounding success for its exceptional commitment to teaching quality and an innovative curriculum. Today the department can boast of accommodating as many as 260 students. So this department is one of the fastest growing departments at the university. On top of this, the students of this department have better access to any attractive job. The Economics Department at SEU consists of a faculty dedicated to both teaching and research missions of the university. The highly qualified faculty members possess a wealth of international experience gained at some of the world's most prestigious universities, research institution, businesses and government organizations. They are committed to helping the students achieve academic potentials and constantly exploring new ways to enhance students' learning.