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Bachelor of Architecture Courses

Structure of Academic Program:
B.Arch. programme is organized in five years with three regular terms (Spring, Summer and Fall) in each year making 15 terms over five years. Trimester system is sometimes problematic for a professional programme of architecture, to overcome this problem and to ease the load in the terms offering main studios/sessionals, those would be offered in spring and fall terms respectively while secondary/support sessionals / studio would be offered in the summer term. Students will be admitted in undergraduate curricula of architecture and will have the manoeuvrability to major in his area of interest without sacrificing the basic quality of a professional undergraduate degree.

Course and Credit Requirements

To qualify for B.Arch. degree one has to earn 190 credits in minimum 5 years and maximum 8 years in a trimester system of course layout. Recommended courses for each year and terms are shown in the course layout, but students are allowed to register for courses in each term as per the university’s general rule. Elective courses are available in most term. Certain courses may have prerequisite courses. The break-up of credit requirements to earn a certain year and get promotion to the next year is as follows:

Year Cumulative Credit at the end of each term StudentsClassification
Year-1 Term-I 10 Credits
Term-II 20 Credits
Term-III 30 Credits
1-30 Credits
Year-2 Term-I 40 Credits
Term-II 50 Credits
Term-III 65 Credits
31-65 Credits
Year-3 Term-I 75 Credits
Term-II 85 Credits
Term-III 100 Credits
66-100 Credits
Year-3 Term-I 110 Credits
Term-II 120 Credits
Term-III 135 Credits
101-135 Credits
Year-3 Term-I 145 Credits
Term-II 155 Credits
Term-III 170 Credits
136-above Credits*

* In addition to year wise elective courses, additional floating (open) credits may be earned at any time convenient to the student (preferably in the summer terms during year-02 to 04) to qualify for the B.Arch. degree. 4 credits of the additional flexible mandatory credits are assigned to Professional Experience (100 man-hour minimum). These 4 credits are also floating credits, evaluated by a board of examiners on the basis of a portfolio submitted by the candidate and a comprehensive viva-voce.

Degree Requirements

A student is eligible for the conferment of the degree of Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) upon the fulfilment of all requirements which include satisfactory completion of 190 credit hours of prescribed courses with a minimum qualifying grade, grade point average and cumulative grade point average set by the University along with recommendation from the Department of Architecture as per rule.

Recommended Course Layout for the Degree of B.Arch. at the University

Studio / Tutorials / Workshop / Practical / Sessional Courses are even numbered while theory courses are odd numbered. First digit of the course number represents the academic year while the second digit represents the term in that year where the course is recommended, that is 1 for Spring, 0 for Summer and 2 for Fall term respectively. The last two digits are assigned to the courses. Alphabetical code at the beginning of course number represents the course offering discipline / department that is, ARCH for Architecture course.

After completing 190 Credits, as recommended, a student is eligible for B.Arch Degree