Admission 2024 of Architecture is going on

Department of Architecture

The Department of Architecture is the pioneer department that launched the first academic activity of SEU at it’s own campus in Tejgaon, Dhaka. The Department of Architecture in the School of Science and Engineering aims at a curriculum befitting the contemporary needs providing a student with reasonable flexibility in the selection of courses to move horizontally and vertically to suit his/her aptitude and interest. Junior years in undergraduate programme are broad based and share the experience of other departments in the university, while gradually building on its own specialization. As the students move to senior years, they get the option to gain specific competence either professionally or academically. The program is pragmatic in the sense that it is cut to the needs of the profession, keeping intact all the skills demanded from a professional B.Arch. degree, but not to unnecessarily burden the students. This has been done by providing suitable options.