Admission 2024 of Pharmacy is going on

Why Pharmacy @ SEU

We encourage prospective students to join us @ SEU since we are committed to provide;
a.Friendly academic environment
We have got academic stuffs from different disciplines of Pharmacy having strong academic and research background and dedicated mind setup to deliver adequate knowledge to future graduates.
b. Outstanding laboratory support Our department possesses well furnished laboratories which is essential to develop empirical knowledge and research expertise in different disciplines of Pharmacy.
c. Scholarships/Waivers We are offering a number of partial scholarships to our student based on their merit and needs. Students are also considered for waivers based on their ongoing academic performance.
d. Industrial exposure As a part of Bachelor degree program, every student necessarily conducts an in-plant training from reputed pharmaceutical industries which is organized but the responsible committee of our department.
e. Research exposure Our department always gives strong emphasize on research activities and publications. As an effort, we oblige all of our undergraduate students to perform three month project which is either based on laboratory work or survey.
f. Secured future career Pharmacy graduates from our department are well equipped to compete for an announced job position in pharmaceutical industries. Approximately sixty five percent of our Pharmacy graduates are now working in different pharmaceutical industries and rest of them are now involved in postgraduate studies in reputed universities.
g. Best IT support We are offering up to the date IT support to current students. Students have free electronic access to their registration status, course materials, payment system and grade sheet.