Chairman SEUT

Chairman, Board of Trustees,
Southeast University Trust
Mr. Rezaul Karim is the unanimously elected Chairman of South Asia Foundation and Southeast University. He is well known for his philanthropic activities in the business community. "Supporting Education" is one area that he loves to contribute.

Under his firm guidance and leadership, Southeast University is an absolutely philanthropic organization. None of the trustees receives any cash or kind from the University. Revenue generated from the university is reinvested for modernizing this institution and enhancement of educational facilities.

Besides being founding Chairman of the University leadership team, Mr. karim is one of the most successful industrialist and businessman of the country. He is the Managing Director of some renowned industries like Kohinoor Chemical Co. (BD) Ltd, Reedisha Knitex Ltd, Reedisha Spinning Ltd, P.A. Knit Composite Ltd , Chairman of Bangla Tel Ltd, BD Link Communications Ltd & Jibondhara Solutions Ltd, vice Chairman of Islami Commercial Insurance Co. Ltd, Director of Midland Bank Ltd, advisor of "Banani Society" & "Gulshan Joggers Society and Director of Mohammedan Sporting Club Ltd". For his diverse experience in leadership, the University has made a remarkable progress within a decade.