Research Centres

IRT and its relationship with other Research Centres of SEU: IRT is the central research body of SEU. There are four Research Centres. The Centres are led by a head of the centre. The centres are:

1. Centre for Business Research (CBR): This centre is engaged in research in all business disciplines, with particular focus on Bangladesh business and business practices. This Centre comprises research cells covering areas in marketing, human resource management, finance, and accounting. The Centre publishes a journal title “Journal of Business Research” which normally comes out once a year. The centre frequently holds and hosts seminars on current issues and developments in Business.

2. Centre for Legal Research (CLR): This centre is engaged in researching the latest developments in national and international laws. This centre critically examines the pros and cons of new laws, impact of enforcement/lack of enforcement on the people of the country and attempts to devise and suggest improvements in current laws. Currently, the centre is headed by Dr. Mohammad Abu Taher, Assistant Professor, Department of Law & Justice. The centre has been publishing a journal titled “Southeast University Journal of Law” ISSN 2519-9420 since 2015. The Centre frequently invites legal scholars to speak at SEU seminars.

3. Centre for Scientific Research and Innovation (CSRI): Centre for Scientific Research and Innovation cells have individual and specific disciplines and sub areas of academic disciplines, such as, Textile, EEE and ITE, Architecture, CSE, Pharmacy, and there is a research cell for each discipline. Currently, the Research Centre (CSRI) is headed by Mohammad Sazzad Hossain, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture.

4. Centre for Arts, Social Sciences and Islamic Research (CASSIR): This centre consists of research cells in Language, Economics, Social Sciences and Islamic Studies. This centre has undertaken several studies dealing with the socio-economic background of private university students, potential abuse of anti-biotic prescription in Bangladesh and several studies are under way. The Centre frequently invites scholars and important personalities to speak to the SEU community.