Institute of Research & Training

Farhana Ferdousi, PhD the Director of Institute of Research & Training. The objectives of Institute of Research & Training are:

  • To develop, maintain, and sustain an overall knowledge of the university‚Äôs core research areas of interest and competence. Over a period time, these core areas should be expanded to include new areas reflecting the nature of growth of the university.
  • Conduct regular periodic meetings with aspiring faculty members/researchers of all academic areas and maintain regular interaction with them to assist them in developing their own research programs.
  • Supervise a reviewing committee entrusted with annually/semi annually reviewing research proposals submitted for funding from university fund allocated exclusively for research. This task will focus intensely on identifying worthwhile, knowledge enhancing projects which will most likely make a significant contribution in the specific area of interest.
  • Develop, maintain and strengthen association of all well-recognized national academic association of repute and participate in all seminars, workshops, conferences sponsored by similar organizations. Nominate appropriate faculty members to participate in such seminars in order to increase the visibility of southeast university.