IRT Director's Message

Institute of Research and Training (IRT) of Southeast University is a unique multi-disciplinary research center devoted to creating new knowledge and building an image for the University as the prime seat of research activities in the country. The Institute has been operating with overall direction and guidance provided by the Executive Committee of IRT.

The functions of the IRT are: building research capacity of faculty members and students, conducting research and organizing workshop, seminar, symposium and conferences. It regularly conducts research adda at the Department level as well to share research output.

IRT has established itself as the hub of creation and dissemination of new knowledge by equipping the faculty to meet the challenges of research and training needs of the modern era. To facilitate research, funds are allocated to researchers based on their research proposal. After completing research, researchers are encouraged to conduct seminar/conference, and publish his/her research work in nationally and internationally reputed journal to make it public.

We invite you to take some time to explore our website and learn more about our Institute, latest research, and achievements.

Farhana Ferdousi, PhD
Institute of Research & Training
Southeast University